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Please note that all matches and makeups are to be completed by 4/13 which will be the "end" of the season.

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Preparing for season end (Jeanne Murphy   Mar 12)

All make up matches must be completed by 4/13. Please notify the scorekeeper of the date so that the website can be prepared to accept the scores. All default fees must be paid prior to the playoffs. Please notify the coordinator of any delinquencies The top four teams are eligible to compete in the playoffs. Please review all playoff rules. Good luck to all.

Any Roster Change (Percy Ragsdale   Nov 5)


As was stated at the beginning of the season, today is the last day you are allowed to add or modify your roster.  From now to the end of the season, all request is to be submitted to me via email or using the request form under Forms.  The request will be to add, remove or modify a player on your roster.  When submitting your request, please provide the full name of the player and the team name.


2018-19 CMITA Rules (Jeanne Murphy   Oct 6)


The 2018-19 CMITA Rules are now available on the website for download.  Please note there have been clarifications and revisions, pertaining to eligibility, defaults and tiebreak procedure and play.  

Please have all team players review the rules and practice tiebreak play to avoid delay in matches

Wishing everyone an enjoyable season.

Jeanne Murphy, Coordinator

Men & Women Schedules (Percy Ragsdale   Sep 15)

The schedules are now available under Forms > Downloadable Forms.  Please review the match dates and starting times.  If there are any discrepancies, please don't hesitate to contact me.

2018-19 Letter and Application (Jeanne Murphy   Jul 31)

The letter and application for team placement for the 2018-19 CMITA season will be available on this website August 1st  Go to "Downloadable Forms", click on 2018 Letter and Application and print!.  

Please read the letter thoroughly prior to completion of your application as it contains important information regarding your team placement requests and team player eligibility.  Please note all outstanding default fees must be paid prior to the start of the season

The deadline for receipt of your signed application and fee  of $165.00 per team is September 8th.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and we look forward to celebrating our 34th season.

Jeanne Murphy, Coordinator



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Playoff Dates

Playoff dates can now be found at the bottom of the schedules under "Teams & Schedules" or Captains can view and/or print the schedules located under the "Downloadable Forms".

Team Points Weeks
Boston Athletic Club 53 17/20
Winchester Lawn & Tennis 1 52.5 16/20
Waltham Athletic Club 42 16/20
Westfit Club 35.5 17/20
Winchester Lawn & Tennis 2 31.5 18/20
Dedham Health & Athletic 29 17/20
South Shore YMCA 28 15/20
BSC/Newton 26.5 17/20
Lakeville Athletic Club 24.5 16/20
Woburn Racquet Club 23 16/20
Westboro Tennis & Swim Club 18.5 17/20
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Week 20
Mar 16 - Mar 22, 2019
  Westfit Club
Dedham Health & Athle...ic

  Lakeville Athletic Cl...ub
Woburn Racquet Club

  Winchester Lawn & Ten... 1
Waltham Athletic Club

  Westboro Tennis & Swi...ub

  South Shore YMCA
Winchester Lawn & Ten... 2

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