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05/16/2013 Letter From The Scorekeeper
05/14/2012 Letter From The Scorekeeper
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05/14/2012 Letter From The Scorekeeper

05/14/2012 Letter From The Scorekeeper

To All of this Season’s CMITA League Participants :

Thank all of you for another challenging, enjoyable and surprising season.   Congratulations to the Winners and Finalist and ended the season with some excitement.  The following are the results from the Final Round playoffs.  Please visit the website - cmita.net - for the final positions of all the teams for the 2011 – 12 season.  Please note that the data will eventually be archived and can be found under stats.  Please have an enjoyable summer and hope we will see you next season.


    Working Women's "A"                                                 Working Working's "A-1 Gold"

Winchester 1  vs  Waltham                                       Lakeville  vs  Waltham

       *49                     45                                                  *55                43



Working Women's "A-1 Silver"                                    Working Working's "B - East"

Woburn 2  vs  Westboro                                BSC/Wellesley   vs  Waltham

       *4                   0                                                      *3                       1


Working Women's "B - West"                                       Working Working's "C"

All Season  vs  Greendale                                   Mt. Auburn vs Weston

       *3                      1                                                     *3                 1                  


           Men's "A"                                                                       Men's "A - 1"

Paxton  vs  Lakeville                                     BSC/Wellesley vs  Sportsmen

    *3                   1                                                       *4                      0


          Men's " B "                                                                          Men's "C"

Thoreau vs  Longfellow                                    Shrewsbury vs  Longfellow

       *3                  1                                                     1                      *3





* The Champions!

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