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Final Standings for the 2009 Playoffs
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Final Standings for the 2009 Playoffs

Final Standings for the 2009 Playoffs

To all teams, please note below the teams that are scheduled to play the first round playoffs on May 2nd.  Please submit your playoff rosters asap if you haven't done so already.  If you are unable to fill a team please let me know in order for the next team in line may have time to get their team together and submit their roster.  If you should have any questions with the standings, please let me know asap.  All rosters are to be sent to me.

WWA - Winchester 1, Waltham 1, Weymouth and BAC (5-3 matches head to head)
WWA-1 Gold - BSC/Newton, Weymouth, Wayside & Natick
WWA-1 Silver - Paxton, Mt. Auburn, Waltham and Weston
WWB - East - Scituate, BSC/Newton Wimbledon and BAC (5.5 -2.5 head to head)
WWB - West - Natick, Tri Valley, Longfellow and Thoreau
WWC - Woburn, Waltham 2, Waltham 1 and Dedham

MA - Mt. Auburn, Lakeville, Schrewsbury and Adirondack
MA-1 - BSC/Wellesley, Lakeville, (Mt. Auburn and Thoreau - as of this writing.  Waiting for the scores 
           to be entered)
MB - All Season, BSC/Newton 1, Waltham and Longfellow
MC - All Season, Mt. Auburn, Waltham 1 and Longfellow

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